IFC/GEF Grants for Administration of Efficiency Projects


IFC and GEF financing focuses on the facilitation of energy efficiency investment, offering funding guarantees and technical assistance (50% of the wage cost of an employee responsible for the technical-financial preparation and monitoring, organisation and promotion of conferences, seminars, financing of consultants) in the financial sector. The organizations further aim to promote the development of energy enterprises in majority private ownership.


National Energy Efficiency Action Plan


In accordance with EU Directive 32/CE/2006, Italy submitted its National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) in July 2007. The plan considers measures already undertaken under the budgetary law of 2007 and other measures, such as application of energy efficiency standards in buildings and the promotion of high efficiency CHP plants. The proposed measures aim to achieve an energy saving target of 9.6% by 2016, comprising 118,464 GWh. The industrial, residential, tertiary and transport sectors are addressed.

In the residential sector, measures include:


Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)


Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), formerly called the Irish Energy Centre, was established by the Sustainable Energy Act 2002 to promote the development of a sustainable national energy economy.


Energy Savings in Greenhouse Horticulture (GLAMI)


To improve the efficiency of greenhouse horticulture by 65%, relative to 1980, the Dutch government supports the industry in reducing the use of fossil energy, in growing production and use of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The government uses a negotiated agreement with the horticulture industry (Glami Convenant) and efficiency standards (Greenhouse Horticulture Orders in Council). This is a public-private partnership with costs shared.


Energy Awareness Week and Staff Special Offers


"Energy Awareness Week" is an annual programme, co-ordinated by the Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), which aims to create greater awareness for consumers of the importance of sustainable energy with reference to matters such as sources of energy, the various environmental impacts and national/international obligations. SEI is also available to help companies organise their own events, providing Energy Awareness leaflets and a Staff Special Offer Campaign for Self Audit Firms.


Energy Consulting for Households: klima:aktiv leben to Employ Chimney-Sweepers as Climate Ambassadors


Part of the larger Austrian climate strategy, the klima:aktiv leben campaign partners with the nations chimney sweepers to publicize energy efficiency measures in residences. In selecting the chimney sweepers as climate ambassadors, the Austrian government recognized the chimney sweepers role as the first contact with ecological aspects of heating.

New Zealand

Fuel Consumption Information Project: Fuel Saver Online Consumer Guide


The Ministry of Transport leads a Vehicle Fuel Consumption Information project that aims to influence consumers to purchase more fuel-efficient cars and to measure the fuel consumption of the New Zealand vehicle fleet. This will be achieved by: