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Since 1999, the Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures database has been an indispensable source of information on energy efficiency policies and measures and underpins much of the policy analysis carried out by the IEA. It has primarily covered actions in IEA member countries but today it is expanding, with the aim of becoming the premier source of information on energy efficiency policies and measures globally.

Number of selected policies : 1562
Year Country Title Policy Type Sector End-Use / Technology Jurisdiction Status
New Zealand Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) Codes and standards, Advice/aid in implementation, Other regulatory instruments, Regulatory instruments, Regulatory instruments, Information and education, Codes and standards, Regulatory instruments Space cooling, Lighting, Motors, Water heating, Building systems, Buildings, Buildings, Industrial equipment, Industry, Building systems, Buildings National In Force
New Zealand Enhanced Provisions under the Building Code Codes and standards, Advice/aid in implementation, Basic research, Regulatory instruments, Information and education, Research, development and deployment Buildings Buildings National In Force
Poland National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Poland, 2014 Multi-sector National In Force
Poland Elimination of low emission sources through support of energy efficiency and development of dispersed renewable energy sources. Part 2) pilot program KAWKA Grants and subsidies, Fiscal/financial incentives, Economic instruments Multi-sector, Buildings, Residential, Buildings Existing buildings, Building vintage, Buildings National In Force
Poland Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (PolSEFF²) Loans, Fiscal/financial incentives, Economic instruments Multi-sector National In Force
Saudi Arabia Energy Research and Innovation Programme Basic research, Direct investment, Research, development and deployment, Economic instruments Industry, Multi-sector National In Force
Slovakia Act No. 309/2009 on Support of Renewable Energy Sources and High Efficiency CHP Codes and standards, Grants and subsidies, Feed-in tariffs/premiums, Regulatory instruments, Fiscal/financial incentives, Economic instruments, Fiscal/financial incentives, Economic instruments National In Force
Spain Energy efficiency target declared by Spain under the EU Directive (2012/27/EU) Multi-sector National In Force
Switzerland High efficiency buildings: Minergie and Minergie-P Codes and standards, Endorsement label, Regulatory instruments, Performance labels, Information and education Residential, Buildings Existing buildings, New buildings, Low energy, Building vintage, Buildings, Building vintage, Buildings, Energy class, Buildings State/Provincial In Force
Switzerland The SwissEnergy Programme Strategic planning, Information and education National In Force
United Kingdom Fuel Economy labels for cars Voluntary approaches Transport National In Force
United States Maine Energy Efficiency Obligation Utility obligations, Obligation schemes, Regulatory instruments, Market-based instruments, Economic instruments Multi-sector State/Provincial In Force