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Demand Side Management to Reduce GHG Emissions - ENEL Voluntary Agreement


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In Force

In July 2000, ENEL, the Ministry of Productive Activities and the Ministry for the Environment signed a voluntary agreement on demand side management for collaborating in GHG reduction, through the following actions: - Supplying energy services after the meter. - Increasing energy efficiency in electrical end-uses. - Optimisation of public lighting. - Development and dissemination of electrical equipment and technologies. - Defining agreements with its suppliers in order to produce and use low GHG emission products and equipment. This agreement required an investment of 8 to 10 trillion lire ($ 3.8- 4.8 billion) by 2006. According to the agreement, emissions of carbon dioxide would reduced by 20 percent from 1990 levels as part of a programme which will involve all Enel´s plants increasing production efficiency and investing in renewable resources.


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