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Energy Performance in Buildings

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• The Law no. 128 on energy performance of buildings was adopted on 11.07.2014 and entered into force on 01.01.2015;
• The Law no. 75 on dwellings was adopted on 30.04.2015 and entered into force on 29.11.2015, except for the provisions relating to the energy performance of buildings with reference to ventilation, cooling and lighting (entered into force on 01.01.2017);
• The Action Plan for 2014-2020 on harmonization of the buildings sector’s technical regulations and national standards with European regulations and standards was adopted on 12.11.2014 (GD no. 933);
• Several regulations were adopted (NCM E.04.01-2006 Thermal protection of buildings; NCM E.04.03-2008 Conservation energy in buildings; CP E 04.02-2013 Technical rules for implementing the system of external and internal insulation of buildings; CP E.04.05-2006 Thermal protection design of buildings; CP G.04.01-2002 Building energy certificate; CP G.04.02-2003 Regulation on energy audits of existing buildings and the heating and domestic hot water)
• MRDC and EEA have signed the Roadmap for the implementation in Moldova of the EPBD
• Roadmap was updated (July 2015) following the adopting of the Law no. 128 on energy performance of buildings.
Main Requirement: Renovate 1% from floor area of central governmental buildings larger than 500 m2 (250 m2 since 1 January 2019) not meeting national minimum energy performance requirement
After the government’s restructuring (2017), the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure took over the functions of the Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions (MDRP)

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http://lex.justice.md/ru/354929/; http://lex.justice.md/ru/358764/; http://lex.justice.md/ru/355424/;

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