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General Plan for National Energy (RUEN) (Presidential Regulation No.22 Year 2017)


Year started: 
Date promulgated: 
13 March 2017
In Force
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General Plan for National Energy (RUEN) is a government policy on energy management plan which constitutes application and implementation of energy policy across sectors to achieve the targets of National Energy Policy (KEN)

RUEN serves as a reference document for the development of:

  • National and local government planning documents
  • General Plan of  National Electricity (RUKN) and Electricity and Supply Business Plan (RUPTL)
  • National state budget (APBN)  and local state budget (APBD) 

The RUEN mandates a reduction in energy intensity by 1 percent annually during the periode of 2015-2025 and  reductions in the final energy consumption by 17% and 39%  by 2025 and 2050 respectively. The RUEN presents two scenarios,: the Business-as-Usual (BAU) scenario and RUEN scenario


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