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High Energy Cost Grant Program

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What does this program do? Assists energy providers and other eligible entities in lowering energy costs for families and individuals in areas with extremely high per-household energy costs (275 percent of the national average or higher.) Who may apply? Most retail or power supply providers serving eligible rural areas, including: State and local governmental entities Federally recognized Tribes and Tribal entities. Non-profits, including cooperatives and limited dividend or mutual associations For-profit businesses What is an eligible area? Eligible areas must demonstrate annual average household energy cost exceeding 275 percent of the national average under benchmarks published in the Notice of Solicitation of Applications. Eligible areas must be located in the United States, U.S. Territories, or areas eligible by law to participate in USDA Rural Utilities Service Programs. What kind of funding is available? Grants How may the funds be used? To finance the acquisition, construction or improvement of facilities serving eligible communities, including: Electric generation, transmission and distribution facilities, including: Equipment, materials and activities Land or right-of-way acquisition, professional expenses, engineering and permitting costs Natural gas distribution and storage facilities, including equipment, materials and activities Petroleum product storage and handling facilities, including equipment, materials and activities Renewable energy facilities, including solar, wind, hydropower or biomass technologies used for on- or off-grid: electric power generation water or space heating process heating and power Backup or emergency power generation or energy storage technology, including generation equipment installed on consumer premises Implementation of initiatives such as: Energy efficiency improvements and conservation measures ( i.e. weatherization of residences and community facilities) Programs encouraging the use of energy-saving appliances and devices Programs aimed at improving the quality and cost of energy service For additional details, see the Code of Federal Regulations 7 CFR 1709

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