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The independent inspection system of the Buildings energy audits and upload information in the central electronic database


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The independent control system and structure has been secured by the buildings energy audits.
In addition, all documentations of building energy audits have to be filled into a new electronic database. All audit data will be available for many purposes.
The e-certification databases (managed by LLTK) : made in 2013, the application aims to upload energy certificates. The e-system provides an opportunity to consult the complete list of energy certificates, and certify professionals to record the certificates. Inspection for the building certificate was agreed between LLTK and HCE. The 0.5% of the building’s audits will be checked by on-site inspection (full inspection) and by 2 % only through calculations.  All building's audits data have to be uploaded on the LLTK database. 
Currently, if the certification is wrong with two levels or more mistakes by the building or apartment labelling, the engineer gets 3-year prohibition for the exercise of certifiers activity.

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