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Labelling of Energy Consuming Products

Moldova, Republic of

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Regulations on requirements for energy labelling of energy-related products overseen by MoE, EEA and the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA).
- energy labelling of household tumble driers;
- energy labelling of air conditioners;
- energy labelling of domestic ovens and range hoods;
- energy labelling of electrical lamps and luminaires;
- energy labelling of household washing machines.
- energy labelling of household dishwashers;
- energy labelling of household refrigerating appliances;
- energy labelling of televisions
These cover the Energy Community commitments and are aligned with EU-MD Association Agreement commitments.
The labelling and eco-design requirements for energy-related products laws are the local adaptation of the European Directives on labelling (Directive 2010/30/EU), as well as eco-design (Directive 2009/125/EU)
After the government's restructuring (2017), the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment took over the functions of the Ministry of Environment.

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http://lex.justice.md/ru/352631/; http://lex.justice.md/ru/355009/; http://lex.justice.md/ru/356043/;

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