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National Development Strategy for the Republic of Tajikistan 2030


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Main directions for activities highlighted in NDS are:
- promotion of national interests in the formation of optimal energy flows in Central and South Asia (in particular through the CASA-1000 Project) through the development of hydropower potential, restoration of the previous energy infrastructure and creation of new energy infrastructure, and ensuring their effective use based on economic and technological integration with the system energy communications in the regions;
- development of the legislation and regulation directed to energy saving and increase of energy efficiency;
- stimulation of modernization and technological rearmament, innovative activity, energy - and resource-saving innovative technologies;
- modernization of electric network economy for reduction of losses, increases in reliability of energy supply and expansion of opportunities of use of various renewables;
The expected results by 2030 is the reduction of electric power losses to 10%. Energy efficiency and controllability of all sectors of national economy will be increased by implementation of energy saving technologies, with 500 million kWh expected to be saved annually.

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