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Regulation on Accreditation of italian Energy Certifiers


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The Presidential Decree 75/2013 allows to carry out the business of Energy Certification for qualified personnel (with a degree in architecture, engineering, agriculture, forestry, or with a diploma in industrial or land surveyor) who have attended a specific training course (whose contents are fixed by the Attachment no.1) and that will be promoted by public entities, universities and professional associations. The technicians (recognized by their own College or Register) already in possession of a professional qualification related to the design of the buildings and of the plants serving the buildings themselves are exempted from the course. If, however, the technician does not have all of the necessary skills, it will be obliged to work in partnership with another skilled engineer.The Certifiers shall state not to have conflicts of interest with the designers, the builders and the manufacturers of the equipment involved in the construction or in the renovation of the building to be certificated.Finally, some public bodies (accredited to perform inspection activities in buildings and facilities), as well as Energy Service Company (ESCo), can carry out energy certifications.


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