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Sustainable Energy Action Plan in Somoniyon City

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With an investment of approximately EUR280000 from the European Commission, it is expected that by 2020 the emissions will be reduced by about 22.9% compared to the situation in the Business As Usual scenario. It is done through the following:
- Conduct energy audit of facilities of energy consumption to determine the causes of irrational use of energy and their elimination;
- Define concept of sustainable energy development of Somoniyon;
- Accounting and systematization of energy losses in the production and consumption of energy;
- Using of an intelligent network for the transmission of electricity;
- The improvement of energy efficiency in the housing and communal sector;
- The introduction of system of accurate accounting of energy production and consumption in the city;
- The introduction of improved structures of buildings with low energy consumption in a city building practice;
- The improvement of the efficiency of sectoral energy supply enterprises in the city;
- Certification of energy supply system and energy-saving system in buildings, facilities and other consumers of energy;
- The optimization of the lighting technology in the city;
- The use of secondary energy resources and waste to generate heat;
- The introduction of alternative forms of energy from renewable sources (solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy) in the economic and domestic activities of the population of the city;
- The conduct of seminars, short-term educational courses and consultations for specialists and wide sections of the population on the issues of energy consumption and energy saving and other material resources;
- The organization of links with research centers, leading scientists and specialists of the Republic for the exchange of experience to improve energy saving at the facilities of the city;
- Annual analysis of undertaken activities, determination of their effectiveness and preparation of work plans for the next year within the competence of local authorities.

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